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Alternative Hearing Care has provided high quality medical equipment and service to our patients in the greater Northwest Indiana area for nearly 20 years. As your local Hearing Healthcare providers, we are your one-stop-shop for all your hearing aid equipment needs.
Our professionals work tirelessly at exceeding expectations and go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us is as positive as it can be. Call us today and see what we have to offer!


Hearing Aid

Service You Can Rely On

Not hearing the way you did when you were initially tested and dispensed to? If so, please take advantage of our hearing aid adjustment services. The instruments we supply can be tuned in many different ways so we are able to better personalize the instrument with your specific needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to get you hearing the way nature intended, and we have the tools and ability to accomplish just that!


Hearing Tests

Industry Leading Testing

Using state of the art digital audiometers, one of our clinicians will test you on what sounds you can hear within the Human Speech Range. The point of this test is to gather your hearing prescription based on when you hear certain frequency tones at various decibel levels. At each frequency within the H.S.R. we introduce repeating tones to establish your definite threshold at which you indicate by clicking your handheld button. After the test we translate your results to paper and in full detail, explain your hearing prescription.


Hearing Aid

Professional. Reliable. Qualified Suppliers.

If you believe your instrument needs a repair, we recommend using the troubleshooting guide here on our website or the print off supplied during your most recent exam, first. In our experience, the issue can be solved by removing wax or debris that can be caught in your specific hearing instrument. If you have exhausted troubleshooting, then your device may need to be sent out for repair. Please reach out to us regarding any issues you may be experiencing, so we may address the issue and get it corrected as timely as possible.

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